Movie Review: Heaven Bound

Heaven Bound

Starring Torry Martin, Nancy Stafford, Danny Vinson, Michael Joiner

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Official Release Date: March 31st, 2017

Source: Advanced copy from FishFlix

Synopsis from IMDB:

Ted is a successful dog food marketer until one fateful day when he accidentally kills his company’s iconic mascot and becomes the town laughingstock. Underemployed and in debt, Ted and his wife Josie are doing their best to make ends meet, but it’s not enough. Josie is unhappy, so she concocts a plan to swipe her elderly boss’ valuables in order to pay their debts. Accompanied by her lazy little brother, Ted and Josie attempt to pull off a caper but soon find that their intended victim has more in store for them than they thought.

My Review:

3.5 of 5 Stars

I was thrilled when FishFlix, a web store devoted to Christian movies, contacted me to review Heaven Bound. I’ve wanted to explore more movies in this genre but am always a little skeptical because some of them can be downright awful. After watching the preview I knew this was going to be cheesy but it looked hilarious. I’m really glad that I decided to go ahead with a review because it was incredibly fun.

I admit, in the beginning I was getting a little wary. The opening scene is a little over the top, I found myself rolling my eyes a little. I was also uncomfortable with some of the scenes featuring the dog because I’m such an animal person. It was very obvious the actual dog was never harmed but I found myself getting frustrated with the character. I was able to let this go as the movie progressed though I didn’t really begin to enjoy it until they were trapped in the doctors house.

Just as I expected, this was cheesy comedy with a strange Christian twist. I enjoyed the humor even when it made me groan a bit. Overall, I recommend this if you enjoy campy humor and are looking for something that’s a fun and feel good, family friendly movie. Lots of good discussion could be had with children with some of the deeper issues that are briefly touched on including money, judgement, loneliness, grief, what it means to be a Christian, and more. If you head over to FishFlix now you can take advantage of the pre release sale going on and snag this DVD for only $11.99.


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