Ten Frustrations in Romance


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish featuring a list based on a theme. This week’s theme is all about romance. This is probably one of my least favorite genres so I decided to take today’s post to explain why.

  1. Instalove, especially the more dramatic supposedly earth-shattering style of this is sort of cheesy. I sometimes yearn for one of these styles of romance to start out in that classic cliche way and then reality hits and it’s like “oops, that was lust, not love..”. It doesn’t have to be dramatic but some sort of awkward thing would be nice.
  2. Love triangles which aren’t really triangles at all. Most of the time these involve Girl whose best friend Boy A is in love with her and is the ‘nice guy’ who’s ‘earned it’ but then suddenly appears Boy B who is in some way wild, rebellious, or different. Add a pinch of instalove.. and Ta Da. (picture jazz hands here)
  3. The take over romance that dilutes the actual premise of the book or weakens the main character into a silly giggly mess. This is especially true for an otherwise strong female lead character – if she’s really that powerful is she actually going to fall all over herself because of  the sudden new boy? This can be done well, but all too often it doesn’t have balance and I end up annoyed.
  4. Romance that is really more erotica puts me off 100% of the time. I don’t mind sex scenes and intimacy but erotica is probably the only genre that I don’t read. I make this choice and get really annoyed when I get a book that isn’t listed correctly. That said I can see the gray area here, and if I like a book’s premise enough I tend to be more lenient even in this area.
  5. Lack of diversity has only recently begun to really bother me. Without naming authors I think most people can imagine the series of books with covers which can all be described as “White people embracing”. If I venture into this genre I want something different – give me new cultures and new struggles, something to set it apart from all the sameness.
  6. Guys (or Girls) half dressed on the cover is pretty much declaring “Katy, look, a book you shouldn’t try”. I know.. don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I can’t help but be skeptical of the covers which feature mostly abs and boobs and intense looking embraces.
  7. The Mythical Healing of Love is so.. ugh. I really dislike this type of romance, probably because in reality, it leads to so many unhealthy relationships. This can go a number of ways and all are frustrating. The truth is a love interest or partner isn’t going to solve your problems. If anything they will be more difficult to deal with while in a relationship.
  8. A whole book devoted to a romantic relationship isn’t something for me. If I read a premise and 80% or more of the plot is devoted to Person A and Person B figuring out how to become a couple, I probably won’t read it. I need more in a story than just love. This is definitely a personal preference and strangely it’s not always the same for me with movies. Also, there are a few exceptions to this for me, The Time Travelers Wife being a good example.
  9. One note characters are frustrating in any book but I see them more in romance. Often these are portrayed in either a too good light or the opposite, completely evil. Either way, this one goes it takes away the believability and pushes me away from the story. I want good guys with flaws and bad guys with interesting positive qualities.
  10. Inappropriate, unethical, or even illegal relationships aren’t something I come across that often but have been a cause for me to DNF a book. This can include a strange power dynamic that is simply wrong all the way to something that in my opinion is illegal. An example of that extreme is a relationship between an adult and a minor.

What about you?

Are you a fan of romance? Can you relate to any of my issues with the genre? Any books that you can recommend that defy some of the things I listed above? Let me know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Ten Frustrations in Romance

  1. This was an interesting read. I actually love romance stuff. haha Although I do have some of the same problems as you do. Still I can’t help it but love cheesy and fluffy stuff. I do prefer ones where relationships build over time and not love at first sight.


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