Review: Will I See? by David Alexander Robertson

will-i-seeWill I See?
by David Alexander Robertson

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May, a young teenage girl, traverses the city streets, finding keepsakes in different places along her journey. When May and her kookum make these keepsakes into a necklace, it opens a world of danger and fantasy. While May fights against a terrible reality, she learns that there is strength in the spirit of those that have passed. But will that strength be able to save her? A story of tragedy and beauty, Will I See illuminates the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

My Review:

2.5 of 5 Stars

I admit I’m a little on the fence with this story. I absolutely love the premise, it’s something I hope to read more about in the future. When I sat down to read this however, I was a little lost. I don’t connect with any specific character and often had a difficult time figuring out exactly what was happening through the artwork.

Even though it was a little confusing at times I really enjoyed the artistic style. It has a dark and gritty tone that lends itself well to the topic of Indigenous women who have gone missing. I know very little about this culture so some of the symbolism was lost on me through the story itself. My favorite part actually comes after in the form of notes that explain these symbols that are found throughout the narration. Having read this information I went back and re-read the story again with a whole new appreciation. I have to wonder if this addition would benefit readers like me more if it were found at the beginning of the story rather than at the end.

Overall, I was left wanting a little more. I loved the artwork but wanted more story than this graphic novel contained. I still recommend it to anyone interested in this topic or those who appreciate the style of artwork.

Thank you to HighWater Press for providing me a free copy of this graphic novel in exchange for my honest review.


2 thoughts on “Review: Will I See? by David Alexander Robertson

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