Glorious December Favorites


I had a really good month with tons of stuff going on with the holidays. The following are some of my bookish (and not bookish) favorites.8c3e9995d00930c79fccf4cdb66635e6b9fa4976

  • Barkbox – December ended up being my first box and I adored getting surprised with both new toys and treats for my dog Jack. He plays with both toys but has a preference for the pretzel. If you are curious to try – help me out by using my link. With any multi-month subscription, you can get a free box and I get one as well! ( My link )
  • wp_20161228_16_36_32_proI’ve wanted a food processor for years. I really like to cook (well when I do when I’m feeling creative. I was finally brought a really amazing unit this year and I absolutely adore it and smile when I see it on my counter in the kitchen. I’ve not had the chance to use it yet but I’m really excited to get started making various things like homemade salsa, cauliflower crusts, and more!
  • wp_20161224_22_31_20_proI feel like I scored big time in terms of gifts this year. I got an amazing wax warmer that’s 100% my style. I also got a pile of books from my #TBTBSecretSanta and some amazing goodies including a set of 100 gel pens and a skull flash drive! My aunt Mary Lue also sent me a delicious candy bar which I’m savoring slowly.wp_20161228_16_34_00_pro
  • I can’t mention my new wax warmer without bringing up my discovery of a new wax melt favorite. I’ve not tried a lot of Burt’s Bee’s wax melts but I’m in love with this Peppermint Frost and sad that it’s a seasonal item. The soy based wax lasts a lot longer and this scent is really strong so I only have to use a small amount.
  • wp_20161228_16_32_37_proI got quite a few stocking stuffers that I really like, but this bookmark really stands out. It’s a decent and sturdy bookmark and I love the design. I also completely agree, reading is bacon for the brain.
  • While all the gifts have been amazing my next favorite thing is a little more personal with my family. My Mom officially quit smoking! I’m so incredibly proud of her for making this step both for her health and her wallet. As someone whose never smoked myself, I only sort of know how difficult this must be for her.

What about you?

What were your favorite things for the month of December? Find anything interesting under the tree that you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!


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