Dear Santa, Ten Gifts You Could Drop Under my Tree


Just a few weeks ago we did a gift idea list for the book nerd in your life. This week is a bit similar but is more customized to my personal preferences. Rather than listing books, I’m going to list ten gifts that relate to either my reading or my blogging experience. You can check out all the other posts for this weeks theme at the hosts blog, The Broke and Bookish.

  1. bookshelvesBecause I’m starting to collect more print books I’m planning on purchasing a bookshelf at some point in the new year. If Santa dropped one off for me I’d be thrilled. I’d prefer a taller one. I’d also like at least one tall bookshelf for my living room.
  2. I am really tempted by a number of subscription boxes and hope to try a few of them in 2017. I’d get pretty giddy if Santa brought me some to try. Specifically, I’d like to try Owlcrate, Book Box Club, Blue Spider’s Attic, and the Story Begins, Bookcase.Club, and The Nocturnal Readers Box.
  3. It’s probably a little silly but I’d love some unique bookmarks stuffed into my stocking this year. I’m not super picky with these and I’d love anything that’s somewhat creative and not the normal bookmark that’s seen so often. You can see a few examples of bookmarks I think are adorable here, here, and here. (And here too!)
  4. I’m sort of enthralled with the idea of bookish scented things like candles, wax melts, and perfume. I’ve wanted to try some of these things for quite a while but never seem to put aside money for it or it doesn’t seem like a priority. Some examples include this candle set, some of these wax melts, or this perfume.
  5. I’ve been using my kindle paperwhite pretty heavily recently and so far I’ve never actually run out of battery while reading. I still get a kick out of the idea of a solar charger just in case I don’t have access to my regular charger or I’m without power. There are several on the market but two of my favorites include this and this.
  6. Right now I’ve got a phone with windows OS and while it does most of the things I absolutely need, I dislike that it’s not compatible with most apps. I’d love an android based phone with a really good camera. I don’t have any specifically picked out but I’d be pretty excited to have anything with a decent camera!
  7. Much like the bookish scented things, I’ve always been excited by bookish themed clothing though I’ve never really made buying any a priority. I would love to expand my wardrobe with some themed items like this shirt or this shirt.
  8. Bookish swag is a bit of a broad term but honestly, I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t make me giggle if it were book themed. This banned book themed pouch or this bookish keychain are both examples of stuff I enjoy.
  9. I love to snuggle up and get comfortable while I read, especially now that it’s colder outside. I’m hoping to expand my collection of pillows and blankets this coming year so getting some for Christmas would be awesome. Some examples include this book shaped pillow or this duvet cover.
  10. This last item isn’t so much book related but will still help when I’m wanting to sit and read or work on my blog. I adopted a wonderful dog on November 25th and any dog toys would be amazing. Jack especially loves soft plush toys but I’m slowly expanding his collection. Dog treats or supplies would be equally welcome.

Now that you know a few of the things I’d like Santa to bring me this year, let me know what you’d like him to deliver from his sleigh in the comments below!



13 thoughts on “Dear Santa, Ten Gifts You Could Drop Under my Tree

    • If I don’t get a solar charger for Christmas, it’s on my list of things to buy myself in the new year. I love the idea of being able to charge my devices just about anywhere. Thanks for stopping by!


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