Review: Brigada by Enrique Fernández

brigadaBrigada 1 (Brigada #1)
by Enrique Fernández

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The veteran captain Ivvro has been recruited again, to command a hard convicts’ squadron, in the long war against the black elfs. During the battle a mysterious fog traps them on a chaotic strange land, where they will have to fight another war, this time to survive as group.

Lost and spread in this new land, they´ll try to regroup to find the way back home, but it will not be easy: the strange mist that surrounds them ,also changes everything on its path, making impossible any attempt of creating a map, and carrying inside creatures of other worlds, so lost as them, who also will try to survive in this hostile land.

The creatures won´t be the only ones the Brigade will face.  During the ages, creatures of all kind have been dropped here on this strange limbo. And some of them, like the human ones, seem to have adapted well to this environment, creating solid groups of population that the destructive mist seems to respect and leave intact.

If the key for survival in this land would be the strength of the group, captain Ivvro will face a hard work, and will need alliances even with his most fierce enemies.

My Review:

3 of 5 Stars

The artwork in this graphic novel was stunning. I loved all of the vibrant colors which really brought the story alive. Many scenes were so vivid I wanted them as bigger spreads so I could really see the detail. Sometimes the level of detail and some of the bright colors almost seemed to detract from the story going on. At the beginning, it really felt like I just got dropped into the middle of a story that I needed to figure out without much explanation. At one point I actually double checked to see if this was the first volume, which it is. I felt like I missed some story building somewhere and never really felt like I caught up with it. On top of this, some scenes were really brightly colored which might have been better with a darker palate to better convey a certain mood or atmosphere. I absolutely loved the artwork but even after reading through the story a second time I still only sort of think I know what’s going on through the story. There aren’t any characters that are easily relatable or even seem to be a central focus for the plot. I am curious and I’d like to know more as it’s an interesting premise but this didn’t seem like enough to really know for sure if I like the way it’s headed. The characters themselves are pretty odd in style. I’ve not seen anything quite like this before which was refreshing. I’m interested in giving the next volume a chance in hopes I’ll get more into the story. I was able to appreciate the artwork enough to want more but I do hope the story gets a bit clearer as time progresses.

Big thanks to Diamond Book Distributors for providing me with a free galley of this graphic novel in exchange for my honest review.



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