Ten Authors I’ve Read for the first time in 2016


I’m a little strange when it comes to following specific authors. For the most part, I don’t really get too attached to anyone in particular though there are some exceptions. That makes this week’s them from the Broke and Bookish a bit strange for me. I have tried a number of fairly well-known authors for the first time though. I’m going to limit my selection to authors I want to read more from.

  1. more-than-thisPatrick Ness only sort of counts. I’d read The Knife of Never Letting Go quite a few years ago but never finished the series. This year I finally got around to that, A Monster Calls, and More Than This. I’m completely in love with his writing style and he’s become one of the few authors where I want to read all of his work. I’m fangirling so hard I’d probably even read his grocery lists, I bet they are brilliant.
  2. Jenny Lawson was an unexpected favorite this year. She’s another author that has landed herself on my list of people I will read anything from. I’m subscribed to her blog and follow her on Instagram. She’s hilarious and serious and quirky. I’m really looking furiously-happyforward to her new book coming out next year. I highly recommend anyone who struggles with mental health issues to check her out.
  3. I’ve only read one Neil Gaiman novel (Neverwhere) but it’s enough to make me very curious about his other books. I know I’m late to the party with this author but for some reason, all the hype kept me away for quite a while. I’m now officially a fan!
  4.  I’ve avoided Ransom Riggs for quite some time because of all the hype surrounding his books. When Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children series first started appearing I had the impression it was horror for some ready-player-onereason so I wasn’t interested. I’ve now read the first two books and absolutely adore the world and the characters involved. I’m hoping to see the movie in the future as well. I’m curious to read other books from him as well.
  5. Even though I’ve seen some mixed reviews of his other books I’m still curious to read more by Ernest Cline. I adored Ready Player One much more than I anticipated. A lot of the things others hated about the book added a lot of charm for me. I’m cautiously hopeful that I’ll enjoy other stories by him as well.
  6. As one of my favorite musicians, Lacey Sturm still wasn’t on my top list for authors to check out. I finally went ahead and purchased both of her books this year. I’ve only had the chance to read her first book, The Reason. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite book but I appreciated how it allowed me to get to know her on another level. If you are a fan of either her solo music or the music she produced with Flyleaf when she was the lead singer, I highly recommend checking her out. She’s also an amazing choice for anyone vampireacadamylooking for a Christian memoir.
  7. I had seen Vampire Academy recommended to me many times on Goodreads but for some reason, I just didn’t expect to like it. I ended up checking it out from my libraries online ebook collection on a whim after I got my kindle this year. Richelle Mead‘s story completely took over my life for over a week. I devoured the entire series and I’m looking forward to reading the spinoff series in the future.
  8. I just recently finished Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake and I feel like I’m in actual pain waiting for the next book which is due for publication sometime in 2017. I see from her Goodreads profile that she writes in a number of different genre’s so I’m really curious to see how much her writing style changes if at all according to what she’s writing. It also might help to keep me occupied while I eagerly anticipate the release of One Dark Throne!
  9. into-the-dimInto the Dim by Janet B. Taylor is a book that got set aside accidentally
    after I got it as an ARC on Netgalley. I just got finished reading it recently and can’t believe I waited so long to read it. Time travel has to be my ultimate favorite topic and I’ll pick up just about anything with that as a theme. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series which is scheduled to be published in August. I’m also curious about other books by the author and am looking forward to seeing more from her in the future!
  10. I stumbled upon the Legend series by Marie Lu in the library this year. All three books were available so it felt kind of like book destiny. I’m so glad I picked them up because I absolutely loved the story. It’s put her other books on my radar for sure and I’m looking forward to checking them out in the coming year.

Some honorable mentions include authors like Holly Jennings, Alex Early, Sylvain Neuvel, Irena Brignull, Brian K. Vaughan, Lisa Unger, Hayley Stone, Rick Yancey, Meredith Russo, Ramez Naam, Rachel Caine, Rachel Vincent, Mercedes Lackey, Naomi Novik, Mindy McGinnis, and Rachel Hartman.


4 thoughts on “Ten Authors I’ve Read for the first time in 2016

  1. Ooo, I’ve heard of “Ready Player One,” but never took much of an interest in it. Perhaps I should take a closer look. Marie Lu, Ransom Riggs (‘Miss Peregrine’) and Kendare Blake (‘Crowns’) are all authors on my list to still discover. Here’s to 2017 being the year! 🙂

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland.


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