Glorious November Favorites


I’ve seen many youtuber’s who post monthly favorites videos. I don’t think I’ve seen this done in blog format but I like the idea enough that I’m going to give it a shot. The following are some of my favorite things that I’ve come across in November.wp_20161117_17_45_21_pro

  • I love sushi but I’ve not tried a lot of varieties yet. One of my current favorites is the San Antonio Roll. It’s a little expensive so it’s a big treat. It’s the perfect balance of spicy and absolutely delicious. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also beautiful. wp_20161123_22_40_51_pro
  • I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks lately and had been looking at Bluetooth speakers kind of randomly without choosing one. I found a giveaway hosted by Jess at The Audiobookworm and ended up winning! I got this adorable speaker in the mail and have loved it. It’s got great sound and is perfect to take with me. You can find this speaker on Amazon here.
  • I made some sides for my families Thanksgiving dinner this year, one of which was creamed corn. I love corn and tried a new recipe this year which was absolutely amazing. I found this recipe and altered it a little bit. Instead of using the crock pot I cooked it on the stove and since I didn’t have heavy cream I just added some extra butter to some whole milk. Absolutely delicious!
  • I’ve found a few different websites that I’m enjoying shopping at. The first reminds me of an online Dollar General in a way. Hollar has quite a few items and really cheap prices. I’ve gotten some stocking stuffers and have loved it so far. By using this link you can get $2 off your first order. Plus you’ll be helping me out with your purchase.
  • The other website I found is The Grove Collaborative. I found a bunch of really nice household cleaning supplies through this website as well as the most amazing foaming body wash that has a cucumber mint fragrance. I felt pretty grown up when I got excited about spearmint scented toilet bowl cleaner. I’m completely in love with it. If you use my link you’ll get $10 off your first order and help me out as well!
  • Somehow I’ve found myself subscribed to two different services which are both called Doodle Crate. The first only costs $10 for a set of ten random art pens plus a pouch to contain them. I adored my first shipment and am super excited to get more. You can order this one at CrateJoy. The second Doodle Crate is actually geared toward kids but I love it anyway. It’s a monthly craft with all of the supplies needed for the activity included. The normal price for this box is #20 but if you go here you can get $10 off your first box as well as help me out.jack-sprocket
  • My last favorite of the month is two things in one. I adopted Jack Sprocket the Zipper on November 25th and he’s an amazing companion to have. He’s playful and friendly and absolutely perfect as an addition to my family. He’s the ultimate favorite and I adore him. The adoption experience was pretty magical as well. I’d been planning on adopting soon anyway when we found out a few shelters in my area were having a black Friday event and waiving all adoption fees. It was an amazing day even though there were quite a few people and we ended up waiting well over two hours. I’m absolutely thrilled and am looking forward to many happy years with my new friend.




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