Review: Disney Manga Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas

the-nightmare-before-christmasDisney Manga Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas
by Jun Asuka

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Manga publishing pioneer TOKYOPOP brings you a special edition gorgeous hardcover manga based on the classic Halloween masterpiece Disney Tim Burton s Nightmare Before Christmas. A must-have for manga fans, Tim Burton fans, and Halloween fans alike!! Collect this horrifying masterpiece!”

My Review:

3 of 5 Stars

I’m a big fan of this story and I enjoyed the movie so I when I saw it available in a new manga format I was incredibly curious. I’m not really sure how to talk about my own reading experience. I enjoyed it and it was okay – but it wasn’t anything to get excited about. I didn’t love it like I do the movie. I loved some of the artwork, like how Jack is drawn. He’s such a classic and unique character and I really appreciated this interpretation. Sally is portrayed in a way that I like as well. Both of these characters have great expression through the story which I enjoyed. Some of the other characters didn’t work as well for me. Santa, Zero, and the mayor just felt lacking to me compared to the movie. I can’t exactly place my finger on why apart from the black and white nature of the manga as opposed to the full color of the film. I am wondering if perhaps that really is what kept me from enjoying it more. I like vibrant and immersive artwork which can be lacking in a black and white manga. I’ve already seen so many variations of this story through the movie as well as a plethora of fan art that I couldn’t help but compare. Overall I enjoyed it but it wasn’t something that I got super excited about. For any hardcore fans of this story, it’s a must have for your manga collection.

Big thanks to Diamond Comic Distributors for providing me a free galley of this manga in exchange for my honest review.



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