My Bookish Gift Guide


With Christmas right around the corner, it’s a really good time for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday Theme – a book related gift guide. I love the themes that are a bit open to interpretation and I’m going to list a few different ideas to get that book person you know for either Christmas or birthday. This list works especially well if you aren’t quite sure what books to buy them but want to get them something bookish anyway. You can join in on the fun by visiting the host, The Broke and Bookish to link up and check out the numerous posts done by others.

  1. Candles, Wax Melts, Perfume, and other ‘smell’ oriented items are perfect gifts for anyone. As I’ve gotten more into book blogging I’ve found a whole niche completely devoted to both books and a wide variety of fandoms. Etsy is a great place to find candles ranging from old book smell, butterbeer, and even Peeta’s cakes.
  2. Fandom related jewelry is another touching and perfect gift for a variety of people. There truly is something for everyone. I’ve seen rings, necklaces, and earrings related to a variety of books like Harry Potter (of course), Hunger Games, Divergent, The Fault in our Stars, and more. Pick a book you know your giftee adores and I’m sure you’ll find something in just about any price range.
  3. If you are on a budget but still want to get something bookish, I highly recommend bookmarks. My favorite place to browse for these is ebay but you’ll also find a huge variety on Etsy and a ton of other websites as well. There are a ton of options from metal, magnetic, cloth, elastic, etc. You can stick to a fandom or just find something that is pretty.
  4. If you want a gift that will keep on giving for a bit longer, I suggest a subscription box. These are regular shipments that contain mystery items specific to that box’s theme. My favorite is doodle crate which is only $10 a month for ten pens and a pouch to keep them in. If you want something more bookish there are quite a few to choose from that range quite widely in price. I’ve found a bunch of these on CrateJoy. I encourage you to check out categories beyond just the book boxes. Does your reader enjoy tea, coffee, candles, or beauty? There is a box for everyone. Most boxes offer the option to purchase multiple months which makes this a gift that can last all year if you’d like!
  5. I’m going to suggest a Kindle or Nook even though this one is a bit iffy. I know a lot of readers who absolutely hate ebooks and I also know many who adore having this easy to transport reading option. I prefer physical books but I also appreciate not having to carry a huge book with me everywhere I go. I love my kindle because it fits in my purse easily and holds a bunch of books all at once. If the person you are buying for already has one of these, consider some accessories. Check out ebay for kindle and nook covers that come in a variety of designs.
  6. Book swag might seem like a broad idea and that’s because it honestly is. I term book swag as all of the awesome bookish stuff I’d probably never purchase for myself but still admire from afar. Stationary, pens, pencils, post it notes, posters, keychains, USB drives, and more are all included under this umbrella.
  7. Reading snacks are amazing to have on hand. I enjoy snacking while I’m on a reading binge but it can’t just be anything. Try and steer away from treats that will leave residue on your fingers. Anything that’s easy to eat and won’t mar the pages or screen is great. You could also expand this to book related treats. Chocolate frogs, butterbeer flavored fudge, cookies that look like books, the list goes on. You can find these premade on a number of websites including Etsy or you could even try your hand at making them yourself. This is a recipe for butterbeer fudge that’s simply divine.
  8. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, or any other drink mix are good gifts for everyone. I love all the specialty items that are around during the holidays and these often make great gifts. This is another item that you can really adjust to fit your budget and the preference of the person you are buying for. I personally don’t drink much coffee but love hot chocolate. This is also something you could potentially turn into a home made gift. Click here to head over to pinterest to find thousands of ideas to make a hot chocolate gift your own.
  9. Fandom related clothes and accessories are incredibly popular. This doesn’t have to be just books, this one expands into television shows, movies, and games. The thing I like most about this one is it’s adjustable according to your budget and even how well you know the person. If you aren’t sure on sizing stick with things like socks, hair accessories, and bags. I love getting socks as presents because while I adore having a bunch of them I hate actually buying them for some unknown reason. Ebay, etsy, and Amazon are my go to places for this but the internet is chock full of different stores with tons of book nerd attire.
  10. I know that giftcards sometimes feel like the lazy way out of buying gifts but I personally adore getting these. The biggest reason is that I usually am a little broke in January and having these on hand means the fun can continue! I get to pick out the specific things I want. Not everyone may feel the same but I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying free money.



7 thoughts on “My Bookish Gift Guide

  1. I also hesitated to put an ereader on my list. I usually only use mine when we travel, but for that purpose, it is a lifesaver!

    I love putting together little gift book-themed gift baskets. I made a self-care gift basket for my mom this year that has a Brene Brown book, tea, a mug, and her favorite lotion.

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  2. I love this! There are so many great bookish items out there! Getting giftcards is the best, and normally I just give those to my friends for birthdays because it’s easy, and that way they don’t end up with something they will never use. Also, is it weird that I love book scented candles but don’t have any? i just love the concept, and they look so beautiful! I don’t use candles a whole lot though so I don’t really want to buy any.
    My TTT:


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