Ten movies and shows I didn’t expect to enjoy but did


I’m not a huge movie person and rarely get around to sitting down and watching them so the theme this week from The Broke and Bookish threw me a little. It’s a freebie movie week so I’ve decided to share ten movies and shows I went in not expecting to like much but walked away from pleasantly surprised.


  1. The Giver – Because I read the book when I was younger and have since read the book again countless times I was skeptical about the movie. I was even more skeptical when I heard it’s inspired by the book rather than being a direct adaptation. When I found it on Netflix though I figured I’d give it a try and I was shocked. It’s true that there are quite a few things that are different than the book but I actually appreciated some of these changes rather than resenting them as expected. 3-new-posters-for-the-sci-fi-action-film-edge-of-tomorrow
  2. Edge of Tomorrow – I’m not a big Tom Cruise fan and generally avoid movies he stars in. I watched this with a friend though and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it in part, I admit, because we get to see Tom Cruise’s character die. That’s actually an understatement, we get to see his character get his ass handed to him, repeatedly. I also really enjoyed the action and the story behind the repetitive death scenes. The personal growth of the characters was another added bonus and one I appreciated greatly. mean-girls
  3. Mean Girls – I’m not even sure what prompted me to watch this movie but I’m glad that I did. It’s not my favorite by any stretch but I can see why so many of my friends drop constant references to this film in regular conversation. I’m also glad that I finally understand those references rather than adopting a blank stare of confusion.say-anything
  4. Say Anything – It’s not that I didn’t expect to like this movie and more than I didn’t expect to fall completely in love with it. This is one of the few movies that I will watch over and over, even though I know most of the script already. I can’t even really explain why I love it as much as I do. I’m not even a huge fan of romance or the whole string of 80’s movies involving teens and angst. This movie however, has a forever and ever place in my heart. supergirl
  5. Supergirl – I’m not entirely clear why I didn’t think I’d like this show beyond the fact that I’d heard it’s a little campy (and it is) and absurd (which it also is). Out of sheer curiosity I watched one episode on netflix, and then proceeded to binge the entire first season in only a few days. I’ve now branched out into other superhero series (The Flash, Arrow) all inspired by this show.
  6. Jane the Virgin – This was another Netflix find. I’d heard about it previously and even seen trailers but was skeptical. It didn’t look like my style of comedy at all but out of curiosity, I gave one episode a shot.  I’m not completely caught up yet but I am really enjoying it even if the humor isn’t something I’d normally go for.unbreakable
  7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Yet again this is one that I didn’t really expect to like because it’s not a type of humor I normally head towards. It’s over the top, absurd, and at times even obnoxious but at the same time it’s incredibly funny. I binged the first season and have the second on my list to watch soon.frozen
  8. Frozen – I put off watching this movie completely based on the massive hysteria and hype surrounding it. I didn’t think it could possibly live up to all of that but, I was wrong. Sometimes hype is real and I absolutely adore this movie.greys-anatomy
  9. Grey’s Anatomy – I didn’t watch this show for the longest time because I prefer fantasy or science fiction and how many hospital themed shows can there be that will truly interest me after ER? I’d seen some trailers and commercials but wasn’t all that interested. I started watching with my mom on netflix though and now I see why it’s so popular. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this series though as they keep repeatedly shattering my heart. Someday I’ll actually catch up to the current season and be able to talk to other people about it.twd
  10. The Walking Dead – I generally stay away from anything that might scare me so I’ve no idea why I decided to give The Walking Dead a try. Much like Grey’s Anatomy, I have a love-hate relationship with this show after it’s punched me right in the heart so many times. I’m way behind with the show and am a bit on the fence if it’s what I’ll continue watching because it really is that painful even if in a good way.

4 thoughts on “Ten movies and shows I didn’t expect to enjoy but did

  1. I felt the same way about Frozen – I work with kids, so eventually I caved in to all the pressure from my students and watched it, and you know what? I really enjoyed it! I thought it was very sweet, with lovely characters and a wonderful message. Definitely a surprise for me!


  2. I was shocked how much I liked Frozen too. With all of the hype, I thought I’d walk away thinking well that was cute but nowhere close to my love of The Little Mermaid haha! I actually enjoyed Frozen way more than I thought and I’ve already watched it again a few times with my kiddos. ♥ Ohhh I still have to watch Mean Girls! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed it more than you thought you would. 🙂


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