Review: Extraordinary Ordinary Moments by Jorey Hurley

31at9kcffklExtraordinary Ordinary Moments: A Journal Diary
by Jorey Hurley

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A journal for appreciating the beautiful, the quirky, the surprising, and the overlooked.

Throughout the hustle and bustle every day, we must remember to slow down, unplug, and take in our surroundings. Illustrator Jorey Hurley has made the quest for mindfulness easy. Her gentle prompts, paired with bright but delicate illustrations, will encourage you to reflect on those seemingly mundane moments and find what makes them worthy of holding on to. Maybe your watermelon at breakfast was perfectly crisp, or the brake lights of traffic formed a beautiful pattern. Each page offers a new opportunity to jot down a story, paste in a picture, or doodle something from your imagination. As the days go by, you’ll discover how this one small ritual will put you more in tune with yourself and the world around you.

My Review:

5 of 5 Stars

I’ve recently been pretty obsessed with finding new and different journals which offer prompts or focus on specific things like mindfulness. The first thing that surprised me about this journal was the size. It’s about 368 pages in length and almost entirely consists of journaling pages. Unlike some other journals that I’ve gotten with mindfulness themes, this only contains a two-page spread briefly introducing the journal and some ideas as to how to get the best out of your experience. What further impresses me is that each page has a completely different drawing which varies in size from adorably small to pieces that seem to take over the page while keeping a balance of offering plenty of room to journal. Most journals that have artwork tend to have repetitive patterns which are okay but after so far into the journal can stop being inspiring. With this journal each prompt has its own artwork that correlates to that idea. For example, the prompt “something that feels good to break” has a small square depiction of bubble wrap in the upper left corner. Other prompts like “something vast” depicts an entire darkened page with dotted stars which I can tell will be great fun to write or draw on with gel pens. My favorite part of this journal is the ability to use it in a way that works best for you. I tend to like to write or doodle depending on how I’m feeling and different prompts might inspire me in alternative directions. The blank pages of this journal really lend themselves to exploring both writing and drawing on each page. The binding also lends itself to this kind of expression as the book lays open without having to push on the spine too much. While fairly thick the book is a comfortable size and will be easy to carry with in either a purse or backpack.

Overall I highly recommend this journal to anyone who likes a little bit of prompt but not too much. If you appreciate adorable artwork this is definitely something that will work for you. Those that want something more guided might not get as much out of this journal but I still recommend giving it a try.

I received this book free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my review. This did not affect my opinion or thoughts in any way and I was compensated in no other manner.




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