Majorly MIA – Life Goblins and More

I’ve not been able to post any reviews (or anything really) in quite a while now.  Life became incredibly busy and then confusing.  I’ve gone through two different moves in the last two months and am now preparing for an even larger move half way across the country in November.  Until then I only have spotty (at best) access to wifi or even charging my tablet where most of my books to review are located.  I’ll still be reading my actual books and posting reviews as I’m able.   Yet again, reading and books are saving some of my sanity.  I’m looking forward to getting back for real, hopefully in mid to late November!

Also, if you’ve requested a review in the last few months I will do my best to get to these as quickly as possible.  There will be major delays however as none of what’s happened was expected – such is the way of life goblins of doom.



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