Being MIA and Catching Up

I’ve thought about writing a post like this for a little while now but I kept stopping.  I don’t really like talking about my mental illness on this blog because I have decided to keep it somewhat separate and I have an entirely different blog for just that.  But I’ve needed to be more realistic in the past few weeks.

I got hit hard with severe depression and anxiety.  I couldn’t focus and reading was close to impossible.  Even when I was reading I couldn’t enjoy anything that I picked up.  I knew it was the symptoms of my illness but I just really wasn’t interested or motivated to do much of anything.  Bringing myself to do the simple tasks of life was a great effort so hobbies like my blog fell to the back burner and then off the stove of life entirely.  I disliked this because I’ve worked pretty hard to keep posting regularly and normally I love doing this.

I needed a break though – I had to take care of myself.  Thankfully my depression is lifting and I’ve got plans to keep moving forward and deal with my mental health.  I’m pretty excited about this.  It also means I’m going to get back into the swing of doing reviews and being active.    First I just wanted to dive in with both feet.  I also don’t want to get overwhelmed and feel always ‘behind’ or rushing.

I will probably be posting continue to be sporadic for the rest of August and hope to get into a set schedule in September.  This gives me more than enough time to get some reading done as well as post things in advance which helps quite a bit.  It also gives me a bit more time while dealing with the heat in Florida – I feel as if summer may never end and I am not a hot weather type of girl.  I miss cooler temperatures!

I am sorry I just vanished out of the blue but I’m coming back, and I’m going to come back stronger and better.  See you soon!


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