Review: The Corridor

The Corridor

by A.N. Willis

Goodreads Synopsis:

Infinite worlds. Endless possibilities . . .

Stel Alaster has never known life without the Corridor. It appeared suddenly seventeen years ago, the only portal to a parallel version of our world—Second Earth. Everyone on First Earth fears Mods, the genetically modified Second Earthers who built the Corridor. They are too smart, too strong, and have powers that can’t be controlled. Any Mod found on First Earth is branded, then detained in the Corridor’s research labs.

Only Stel has a dangerous secret. She has a power, too: She can open a portal to Second Earth . . . and several other parallel universes she’s discovered. If anyone ever finds out, she’ll be imprisoned, no better than a Mod or common lab rat.

But when the Corridor starts to fail, emitting erratic bursts of energy that could destroy First Earth, Stel must risk everything to save the people and world she loves. With the help of an escaped Mod and an infuriatingly arrogant boy from a third universe, Stel sets out to unravel the mysteries of the Corridor and stabilize it before it’s too late. The fate of every world lies in the balance. . . .

My Review:

5 of 5 Stars

The story started out a little confusing for me.  A lot of the technology took me a moment to figure out from the descriptions given.  Once I did though, I became a touch jealous.  I’d love to have some of the gadgets they have as every day items!  The real events of the book start happening right away which I really appreciated.  It didn’t seem like there was a big gap at the beginning for world building or getting to know the various characters.  All of this came up as the plot moved along, not as something separate.  Stel is probably one of my favorite female protagonists that I’ve ‘met’ in quite a while.  She was intelligent but also made various mistakes along the way.  The mistakes made sense and flowed with the character and events surrounding them.  In a way they built up her personality more rather than just being ways to move the plot along.  The other characters were also incredible and I really appreciated getting to know them.  The “arrogant boy from a third universe” had me from his first appearance.  He was mysterious, moody, dark haired – instant curiosity.  There is some of what I’d refer to as insta-love here but I didn’t mind it.  First, I was just as taken as she was and second, it doesn’t detract from everything else going on.  Instead this romance is like a little side bonus that I really appreciated.  Then the ending had me in all kinds of emotions all over the place.  I wouldn’t quite call this a cliff hanger because in a way there is some resolution.  But there is some bacon dangling from a stick calling my name to the next book in this series.

This eGalley was provided free from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion and I was compensated in no other manner.


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