Thinking : Posting Frequency & Schedules

I’m back from a much needed break!


For a few months I’ve been going for the daily posting on this blog.  I wanted to get ahead and have things scheduled out but only ever made it to maybe 2 weeks of ‘buffer space’.  This didn’t help when life hit hard and I had very little time at the computer.  Add on top of that the Florida heat making being on the computer during the day impossible.  I’ve decided to reexamine my priorities with the blog.


  • What’s my goal – To share with others my love of reading and meet others with just as much passion for books as me.  Plus really encourage myself to read more often and make space for it in my life.
  • Have fun – I love the creativity that comes with blogging and reviewing and doing the features.
  • Learn – I’m learning more all the time about how to blog better, easier, what works, what doesn’t – etc.  I love that I can very visually see my progress over time.
  • Expand my horizons – Blogging has really encouraged me to read books I might not even of heard of before.  I’m not reading just ‘main stream’ books which is really exciting.

I’m looking at those goals and pushing myself to post every single day with my current schedule isn’t really working.  It stresses me out.  If anything my content suffers because of it.  I’d much rather have less content and better quality.  It’s not ever been my goal to ‘earn’ anything with my blog though that may change in the future.  Right now I’d like to consider myself a casual blogger with possible aspirations to expand down the road.

Set Schedule VS. Whatever Works Out

I can see the benefits of both of these.  A set schedule means an audience will know for sure when to expect new content on my blog and when to check in.  However a set schedule also means I have stricter deadlines that may or may not always work with my very unpredictable home life.  Whatever works out adapts to my current lifestyle much more.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to do ‘whatever works’ for a while.  Once I have a bit of ‘buffer’ and scheduled posts I might head into a set schedule but I doubt I’ll be doing daily posts.  Spending hours on writing posts all the time really takes away from time I could be reading.  Reading is really the point of the blog in the first place!

Let’s Discuss

What are your goals for your blog and what kind of schedule do you keep?  Does your schedule effect your enjoyment and ‘fun’ of your blogging or reading?  How do you handle it when life steps in and you don’t have time?  Anything related to timing, scheduling, planning, etc. I’d love to hear it all!



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