Review: Scouting for The Reaper

scouting for the reaperScouting for the Reaper

by Jacob M. Appel

Goodreads Synopsis

Each of the characters in Scouting for the Reaper faces an unanticipated challenge: transporting a truckload of penguins across the country, arranging a proper Jewish burial for the remains of Gregor Samsa, selling tombstones dressed as a Girl Scout. These stories explore the domestic and professional adventures of people in over their heads, while leavening their struggles with humor.

My Review:

2.5 of 5

This was an interesting combination of short stories I read over time.  None of them really stick out for me specifically so my review is based toward the entire collection overall rather than individually.  I left almost every story slightly uncomfortable though oddly not always in a bad way.  Most of it just felt odd and sometimes creepy.  I wasn’t able to become immersed in any story enough to become attached to any one character or plot though I did become curious quite often. With a few of these stories I noticed a subtle repetitive quality.   Each story had different details and characters and the plot was slightly different but with the same underlying theme throughout.  In one way this made everything seem more cohesive but in another it felt kind of drawn out, telling the same story quite a number of different ways.  It was enough to keep me interested and coming back after some breaks between stories out of curiosity.  I could easily see a number of these being good as novels with more detail to the characters and longer plot lines.  For my own taste the shortness of the stories with my lack of connection to anything left me wanting more.  I did enjoy it as short stories for times when I wanted something I could read quickly and ponder over.  If you like short stories with a bit of darkness to them I think this is a great book to try out.

This publication was provided free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion and I was compensated in no other manner.


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