Thoughtful Thursday : Wading Through the TBR

aa596cacbd9c53c9c15ab51ff2d1a798My TBR is huge.  There are so many books and so little time to read them all!  Because of this I find I have a difficult time choosing which of the plethora to read next.  Recently I’ve been catching up on ARC’s so it’s not as much of a problem.  When I’m reading my own books or picking stuff up from the library I feel like a deer in headlights.  I’ve tried reading jars where you list the names of books on slips of paper and toss them in a jar.  You then randomly pick one out and presto.  The problem is setting something like this up – I have to choose which books to put in the jar.  I can’t possibly sit and write every single book out on slips of paper.  That would take me ages and it’s a lot of valuable time wasted when I could be reading!

56370689I’ve also tried just picking completely at random and usually finding a book I’m just not in the mood for.  I’ve always been curious as to how other readers pick which books they read and when.  In the end it usually ends up with me getting frustrated with myself and whichever sparkly book catches my eyes first wins.  This isn’t necessarily a bad method but it’s not always the best either.

I don’t completely consider myself a mood reader in that I can read almost anything and enjoy it.  That being said reading something with the same sort of basis written differently right in a row.  I burn out.  I have to have some space between themes.  I don’t mind the cliche stories, love triangles (love v’s?), the protagonist who gets special powers and is the only one that can save the world/universe/everything.  I actually enjoy these things.  But it’s one of those things that complicates my choice in my next reading material.  So many good books that kind of have the same underlying theme but written in all these creative ways.

How do you pick your next book?  Let me know your methods even if you don’t really have one!  I’m really wanting to know if I’m the only one that gets a bit glossy eyed when it’s time to reach in to the TBR and make that choice.  Let me know in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday : Wading Through the TBR

  1. Right now I’m finishing up some ARCs that I overextended myself on. My goodreads TBR had almost 1,000 books on it. Last week I went through and deleted a lot. If it’s been on there for 5 years and I haven’t gotten to it I probably will never read it, and then there are the ones that get added automatically when you enter to win it. If I had won I would have read it, but looking at it on the list I don’t know why it ever got there in the first place.
    Last week I put 5 books on hold at my library, all from the list. I decided that I wanted to work on some series, but I also wanted a range of genres. I picked a couple of series that I was close to finishing or had a new book coming out in the next couple of months so I could get caught up. By having 5 different authors/series I can be a mood reader and may end up not reading 1 or 2. That’s how I choose what to get at the library, where I get 98% of my books. Go through the list with a vague goal or theme in mind. Sometimes I’ll sort them by star rating, author, or when I added them to the list.

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  2. I have 2 methods. Which one I pick depends on if I have any ARCs waiting to be read and reviewed. If I have ARCs, I pick the one closest to being published to read next. Unless it really doesn’t appeal to me at that moment, then I pick the one that appeals the most and keep reading through ARCs until I have none left, or they’re a few months away from being published.

    If I have no ARCs, or they’re not being published for a few months, I go to I discovered the website a while back through another blogger. They have this nifty thing called a TBR Challenge where it picks 2 books from your TBR list and puts them side-by-side. Shows you the cover image, synopsis, Amazon star rating and a few reviews from Amazon. And then you click the “I’d Rather Read This” button under whichever book sounds better. (Or a random one if neither appeals.) Then you keep choosing until a book actually sounds good. And that’s the one I read next.

    I did have to put in all my TBR books in order to use the TBR Challenge. But if you have them on GoodReads there’s an importer. I used to dread trying to pick a book on my Kindle for my next read since I had to open them all to read what the description said, and then hit back if I didn’t want to read that book. It’s helped me cut out a lot of books from my TBR pile.

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  3. Right now I’m reading the ARCs I have waiting for me. I have a ton to read so I’m starting with the ones I’ve had the longest. When I’m reading just for myself I usually just look through my shelves or my Kindle and see what book catches my eye. I have wanted to try a TBR jar at some point. Maybe I will do that when I’m caught up on the ARCs.


  4. I used to participate in a meme called Random Reads that I loved. I haven’t had a chance to participate in a while, but I really want to get back to it. It works similarly to putting the names of your books in a jar, but you just use your Goodreads TBR list instead and then use to pick a specific book (you can see what I mean on my last Random Reads post HERE. It worked out great for me!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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