Weekly Wrap Up (6/1 – 6/7)

Personal Updates

This week had me pretty busy and I didn’t get as much reading in as I would have liked.  I had some fun with the Good Tales Read a Thon but life kept me busy so I wasn’t able to participate as much as I’d wanted to.  I was even so busy this week I only got one Amazon freebie.


Amazon Discounts & Freebies (Prices may change randomly!)



ARC’s , Egalleys , Wins

Everything, Everything  The Gateway 1  The Gateway 2  Illuminae  Your Voice Is All I Hear  The Corridor  A History of Glitter and Blood  Warigami  Origami Anywhere  the thing about jellyfish  saving her destiny

I got all of these through Netgalley from my recent spree in requests which I am restricting myself from doing again!  Too many good books, not enough time.  I won Saving Her Destiny by Candice Gilmer in a contest over at Dark Faerie Tales.

 Last Week Recap

 Upcoming this Week

  • Citadel of the Sky Book Tour & Giveaway + Review
  • Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For the Rest of 2015
  • Silent Orchid – Age of Alandria Book #1 Book Tour & Giveaway + Review
  • Broken Lies (Review)

Song of the Week


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up (6/1 – 6/7)

  1. I need to check out this Carrots book, if for no other reason than it is called CARROTS hahahha. And whoa, GREAT bunch of Netgalley books! Illuminae, History of Glitter and Blood, Everything, Everything, and Your Voice is All I Hear are all very high on my TBR! Oh- and I have never heard this version of Madness before, and I am loving it! I don’t even want to post the comment because the song will go away 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha, biggest reason I checked it out was the title Carrots. I was instantly curious. I’m super excited about the stuff from Netgalley – looking forward to it for sure. I’m always watching covers on youtube and often like them just as much if not more than the originals. Chester has a great channel and his music is worth checking out.


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