Thoughtful Thursday : Music While You Read

Do you listen to music while you read?  For me personally I prefer either music with no lyrics or white noise.  It’s an odd balance between not too much noise and not enough noise.  I need white noise in the background all the time, even if it’s just my trusty fan or the whirring of my desktop computer.

I began to wonder though, do other people listen to music like I do?

My soundrown settings for a bonfire on the beach.

My old standby is listening to sounds of rain or storms.  Websites like Rainy Mood are instant and there is even a feature to overlay the rain on top of a video from youtube.  Combine rain and some classical music and I’m in the zone to focus.  You can find many more ambient music websites on the list here.  One of my favorites from the list is soundrown where I’m able to combine fireplace, waves, and birds to feel like I’m reading a book on the beach in front of a bonfire without the gritty sand, sunburn, and crowds of people!  You can even get apps for many of these and others on android or iOS to take with you on the go.

Other times I’ll just throw on some classical music in the background of my tablet with my headphones (this is really helpful if I’m unable to get away from noise in my environment).

These ideas aren’t just great for reading though.  I’ve come to notice I do almost everything a bit better with some ‘noise’ or music in the background.  I’m able to focus more on my blog with far less distraction, able to get chores done faster and sometimes easier.  There are even specific types of white noise and classical music specifically geared toward various things like focus, memory, relaxation, sleep, etc.  And I’m sure this doesn’t include just classical but also some newer music as well.

What about you – do you listen to anything in the background while working, writing, reading?  Does music help you focus and relax or is it just another distraction?  If it helps what’s your favorite background music to have on?  I’d love to hear what everyone else listens to or why you don’t!



8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday : Music While You Read

  1. It really depends on my mood and concentration levels. Sometimes it’s distracting, sometimes not. Sometimes I already have a soundtrack in my head playing. Reading has become a challenge these last few years as I can’t sit still for long. I hope I can enjoy it how I used to once the meds level me out.

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    • I hadn’t really thought about it but it does change for me to depending on how I’m feeling. I get overloaded with external stimuli much faster than most other people I’ve met so far so sometimes just having silence is very nice. I hope the meds help – I’ve been in that spot in the past where concentration was impossible, it wasn’t fun at all.


    • I don’t go for music with lyrics, it’s too distracting. Sometimes even instrumental music can be a bit much but white noise is nice in the background and cancels out a lot of other stuff.


  2. I don’t listen to music while I read, but it never occurred to me to listen to rain or nature sounds. I think that sounds very relaxing. What about when you blog? Sometimes I’ll listen to music blogging, but usually something mellow.

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