Weekly Wrap Up (5/25 – 5/31)

Personal Updates

Today marks the last day of the Clean Sweep ARC challenge – I’ve done a ton of reading this week to try and get as many of my ARC’s and Egalleys read as possible!  Upcoming this week I’m preparing for Endless Possibilities Read a Thon hosted by Good Tales Book Tours.  I’m super excited for tons of reading and joining in on the daily facebook party.

Also if you happen to be fighting any form of dementor this week I highly recommend this chocolate mousse recipe – it’s a bit of work but really – really amazing.  The recipe calls for bittersweet or semisweet but I used dark chocolate and I’m thinking I might try white chocolate next time!

As an update about my fiance – his surgery went well!  He’s still in the hospital recovering and we don’t have a date for him coming home just yet but thus far everything is looking great.  Thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers!


Amazon Discounts & Freebies (Prices may change randomly!)

fangirl  Cloak  Forty Days at Kamas  17822668  Post-Human Series Books 1-4  the truth about butterflies  marked  Heroes of the Last Dungeon  One to Hold  Insanity (Mad in Wonderland)  Flicker

ARC’s and Egalleys

The Book of Speculation  Inherit the Stars  This Raging Light  Are You Still There  Prodigal and Riven  Buzz Books 2015 FALLWINTER  Buzz Books 2015 Young Adult FALLWINTER  about a girl  Captain in Calico  DC Super Heroes Origami

I may have (only allegedly) broken my netgalley break and requested a few new books including the current Buzz Books which only caused me to (allegedly) request.. more.. books.  I’d say Ooops but this only allegedly happened.

BooksMail & Thrift Store

My photo is a bit crappy since I completely forgot to take a photo until it was dark and I had to fidget with a lamp to get any lighting at all.  This includes two weeks of books since I forgot completely last week as opposed to just last moment this time.

Big thanks to Tia Louise for One to Love (One to Hold from this series is free on amazon right now!). I won this from the New Adult Scavenger Hunt in her giveaway.  Also thanks to CBB Book Promotions and Dennis Green for the book Traveler.  I got both The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl who Played With Fire at a thrift store half off the already cheap price of $1.99 – I couldn’t resist.


Last Week Recap

 Upcoming this Week

  • Bout of Books Wrap Up
  • Unraveling Cover Reveal
  • Siren’s Realm (Book Tour & Giveaway + Review)
  • Top 10 Books I’d Like to See as Movies or TV Shows
  • Earth & Sky (Review)
  • The Imitation Game (Movie Review)

Song of the Week

I finally caught up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and loved it – can’t wait until next season.  This is a video put together Fight Song by Rachel Platten.  I love the song and this video is perfect for it.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up (5/25 – 5/31)

  1. Glad the surgery went well! And I’ve heard Agents of Shield got better- I gave up on it in the first season and haven’t seen much of it since, but it’s nice to hear it’s good now.

    Enjoy the readathon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I think a lot of the first season was spent just getting to know the main characters and the universe it’s all set in – it does get a ton better. The end of the season is when the action really starts to pick up. Season 2 is I admit, way better in my opinion than the first. The show also ties in a lot of what goes on in the Avenger movies which I get a major kick out of.


    • Thanks – I’m getting way too many Amazon books lately but I love it! I’m interested in what read a thon you are doing – I’m having a lot of fun with them and it’s giving me an excuse to just read as much as I want and ignore other things like dishes lol


    • Yeah, but I doubt they expect a full review of them. I didn’t read all of the excerpts of each – especially in the one geared toward adults. Once I’m done with them both I might do a quick post about both but I’ve not decided yet. They both link to books found on netgalley which was my downfall – but a lot of the books I requested aren’t going to be published until much later this year. I got approved for a few that don’t have dates until December! It’s not helping my ratio either lol


  2. I personally loved the Imitation Game! Ben’s acting is so on point! Looking forward to your review of the movie! Also I don’t watch SHIELD but that song was amazing thanks for sharing it ;P Happy Reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I was fairly behind when I started watching it again – I think at least 5 or 6 episodes. It just finished the 2nd season and it’s well worth it if you ever get around to it. Thanks!


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