Thoughtful Thursday : The Bad Ending

Bad endings happen like this:

You are loving the book, the characters, the world, the emotions, the twists placed well.  Maybe it’s not perfect but it’s good.  You can’t stop reading.

Then the ending which completely leaves you shocked because.. no, that’s not right!

terrible ending

I’ve got quite a few books that I really liked but wish I could completely change the ending for.  For now, I’ll just mention one. The Divergent Series – it’s a very popular series and even a movie now.  I love it but the ending.. oh the ending.  Warning – down below is spoiler territory if you’ve not read the books yet!  Feel free to scroll down to the Let’s Discuss which I’ve put in bold.

divergentI didn’t mind the last book where we finally get a perspective from Tobias (Four) though I admit it threw me because it was so different from the first two.  The ending though ripped my heart into a thousand pieces, burned them into ash, and blew them to the wind.  Almost the entire series is from the perspective of Tris.  I didn’t want a fairy tale ending but the ending just ended up feeling forced so far in the complete opposite direction it felt unnatural.  For me it broke the magic of the series because the flow of the story just ended.

I still love the series for all of it’s other perks.  I just make up my own fan fiction in my head about what could (cough *should* cough) have happened instead.

Let’s Discuss

Have you read any books where the ending felt almost like a betrayal? Are there endings you would change and if so how?  Also, how does a bad ending effect your rating of a book?  I’d love to hear from others on this topic – let me know in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday : The Bad Ending

    • Really? I’ve had far more tell me they felt it was realistic and loved it for that than my own feelings. Thankfully not many of the series I’ve read end badly at least in my opinion.


  1. Ugh, I so agree! It DOES feel like a betrayal almost! I can think of a few examples of this: Allegiant, of course (seriously, HOW are they going to make that book into two movies?!) and Requiem (The Delirium series) both made me want to yell and throw things. On a smaller scale, I was super underwhelmed by End of Days (Penryn & the End of Days series) and Raging Star (The Dust Lands Series), they were just so “meh” when the first books had been SO epic.

    I feel like it is so scary to come to the last book in a series- you don’t want to be devastated, but you also NEED to know what happens! Great topic!

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    • Thanks! I think for me part of it really is how much I love a series and with that comes all these expectations of awesome. I still don’t think I’d have liked Allegiant’s ending though. I’m still, a long time after reading it, thinking “what just happened??” Conversely this makes series that end really well all that more special to me. Thanks!


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