Weekly Wrap Up (5/18 – 5/24)

Personal Updates

Lots of things happened this week (which sadly kept me from reading as much as I’d have liked)!  On Wednesday I celebrated my birthday with a thrift store run which was fabulous.  I got a used monitor, tons of clothes, and a few books all for $28 of fun birthday money.  I had garlic and herb crusted pork-chops and sweet potato fries for dinner.

The weather in Florida is still heating up but we are officially in the rainy season so with the rain comes a bit of relief.  The difference between 87 and 91 degrees is tremendous.

Also for this coming week my fiance is going in for surgery on the 27th so any positive thoughts, vibes, prayers would be greatly appreciated.


I’m still going a bit crazy with Amazon books but I can’t seem to stop!  I am becoming more and more convinced I’ll never finish my TBR pile which is quickly turning into a mountain.

Amazon Discounts & Freebies (Prices may change randomly!)

Arena Mode  [sic]  Only Human  Celestra Series Books 1-3  Something Like This  Thin Wire  Hedon  Savage Run 1  The Waiting Booth  The Celiac Cookbook and Survival Guide  Jim Morgan and the Pirates of the Black Skull  The Eve Tree  Voodoo Slaves

ARC’s and Egalleys

Hannu Rajaniemi: Collected Fiction  Silent Orchids  Tree of the dead  Fractured Darkness

Thanks to YA Bound Book Tours for the Age of Alandria series and Netgalley for a egalley of Hannu Rajaniemi’s collected Fiction.

Last Week Recap

 Upcoming this Week

  • Neophytes Tale (Book Tour, Review, Giveaway)
  • Ten Books I Plan To Have In My Beach Bag This Summer
  • What Keeps You Up at Night (Review)
  • Thoughtful Thursday: The Bad Ending
  • The Tethering (Review)
  • The Bigger Bang (Review)

Game of the Week

gw003bEvery since I got done reading Compendium (Check out my Review) I’ve been a bit obsessed with Guild Wars 2 again.  I was even inspired enough to create a whole new toon who I’ve aptly named after the main character in the book.  She’s not an exact match but she decided to step up for a fashionable shot and you can see her vibrant red leafy hair (?).  She’s of the Sylvari class and is a ranger.  I’ve been having tons of fun playing again after quite a long break from the game.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up (5/18 – 5/24)

  1. Again Happy Belated Birthday! And I will definitely pray for your fiancé. May all go well, with a speedy recovery. 🙂 I’ve been hating the rain we’ve been having, but that’s because it messes with my mood.

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  2. Omg a thrift store run is such a good bday idea! You can get so much fun stuff while feeling all kinds of good for saving some money. You’re a genius! I’m also sending you all the positive vibes I can for your fiancee! I am sure the surgery will go just fine! You got a lot done this week, my efforts pale in comparison! I hope your upcoming week is great!
    My Weekly Overview
    Juli @ Universe in Words

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    • Thanks so much! I adore thrift stores because I can find such neat stuff I’d never find in a regular store and of course the prices are awesome. You have a good upcoming week as well!


    • It was tons of fun and probably the best birthday I’ve had in a long time – will be doing the thrift store thing again next year. Thanks so much and I’m glad you liked my top ten!


  3. My uncle in law lives in FL and he says it’s ben hot hot hot. He doesn’t like to be out in the afternoon. 🙂 Good luck to your fiancee with his procedure, hope all goes well.

    Arena Mode has an awesome cover- very futuristic. And Guild Wars 2 looks fun- I’ve played LOTRO but never that one.

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    • Yep, afternoon is when it’s hottest for us right now. Thanks – we are both nervous but know he’ll be fine. I actually got Guild Wars 2 as a gift when it was on sale, it’s well worth it if you are gamer and can afford it. A somewhat comparable free to play game would be Rift from Trion. I’ve played a bit of LOTRO but not much.


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