Review: What Keeps You Up at Night?

keeps you up at night


What Keeps You Up at Night?: How to Find Peace While Chasing Your Dreams

by Pete Wilson

Source: BookLook Bloggers

Goodreads Synopsis:

I just can’t ever seem to shut off my brain and rest. It’s easy to feel paralyzed by uncertainty. We want our questions answered, our decisions affirmed, and our plans applauded. But life doesn’t come with an instruction manual and rarely follows a straight path. How would your life change if you learned to lean into uncertainty instead of waiting on the sidelines for just the right moment or opportunity? The paradox of faith is that you can’t activate it until you act on it. Trust compels us to move forward. If you don’t, then you’ll be left with a laundry list of unrealized expectations. You were meant to experience a life of abundance and blessing, not frustration and failure. Clarity only comes when we look back. So if you wait until you have clarity, you’ll never find it. Instead, you must move forward even when you feel scared to death. That is when you’ll be able to turn the fears that keep you up at night into fuel for your journey. If you want to experience a breakthrough in your life, then you must find a new cadence that will provide the strength you need to move forward in spite of your doubts, questions, and fears.The rhythm of faith is not hinged upon our circumstances but our willingness to surrender. In his most insightful work since the debut bestseller, Plan B, Pete Wilson provides a plan for living that will lead you to a place of peace that you’ve only dreamed about and a life filled with meaning, significance, and satisfaction.

My Review:

5 of 5 Stars (Writing Quality) & 2 of 5 Stars (Personal)

I know I’ve probably confused you right from the start of this review.  Why two ratings?  After I read the book I actually considered not reviewing it because of some personal conflict with the content.  I really couldn’t figure out a way to give a single rating that both incorporated my personal feelings and the actual quality of the book because they are so different.  So instead of just one rating – I’m giving two.

Writing Quality

I found this to be incredibly well written.  The layout for each chapter is just enough to get you thinking before a summary with extra questions to further discussion.  Because of this I think it would be great for a group at church.  My absolute favorite part was how stories from the bible were retold with a slight modern twist making them far more understandable and even relatable.  The style of writing was amazing and I enjoyed it a lot.  It didn’t feel heavy or overly pushy.  Even with my personal conflicts you’ll read below I never felt it was shoving anything in my face.


The biggest reason I almost didn’t review this book had very little to do with the book itself.  I consider myself a questioning Christian.  It’s hard for me to really believe in these “just trust God” type ideas which a majority of the book was really aiming for.  I understood the concept completely and feel for many people this works.  I often felt irritated by it though because I have such conflict with my own faith, so many questions that simply don’t have answers. I also hold a few big resentments with ‘organized religion’ and it all tainted my ability to just enjoy the book.  There were some things in the book that I found incredibly valuable and others that I disagreed with.  Again this really is my own very personal issue and not so much a true representation of the book.  I did however feel that I couldn’t truly review the book without sharing this aspect of my experience while reading.

In Summary

I think this book has a very specific target audience that I don’t quite fit into.  Christians with stronger faiths or more mainstream beliefs than my own would most likely really love this book. As I said before a bible study surrounding just the topics that are in each chapter would be interesting even for me.  I’m glad I read the book as it gave me a lot to think about and I’ll most likely reference it in the future as I explore what my own faith is and isn’t.  I highly recommend it for the audience it is intended for because it is a very good book.  Because of how well it’s written I do think it’s worth a shot for those questioning their faith.

This was provided free from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review. This in no way effected my opinion and I was compensated in no other manner.


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