Review: Batman/Superman Vol. 3: Second Chance

batmansupermanBatman/Superman Vol. 3: Second Chance

by Greg Pak (Goodreads Author), Tom / Tom Rainey / Raney (Illustrator), Ken Lashley (Illustrator), Diogenes Neves (Illustrator), Daniel Sampere(Illustrator)

Source: Netgalley

Goodreads Synopsis: 

Batman and Superman: the two greatest heroes the world has ever known. Surely, together, there’s no menace they can’t face.

A microscopic planet so small it can float in a person’s veins. A Doomsday-infected Superman. A time-traveling chaos demon. The onslaught of threats is putting the pressure on the world’s finest. But when a rescue mission goes wrong, both heroes awake as blank slates, all memory erased.

Now Gotham City is faced with a Superman without his moral compass and a Batman without his vendetta. Without the two super heroes to rely on, who remains to remind them who they truly are?

In BATMAN/SUPERMAN: SECOND CHANCE, acclaimed writer Greg Pak (ACTION COMICS) and a bevy of comics’ best artists including Jae Lee, Karl Kerschl, Marc Deering and Diogenes Neves set Batman and Superman on a collision course…but will either hero emerge unscathed?

My Review:

2 of 5 Stars


It was a bit strange but I actually liked at least the ideas behind the stories taking place in this volume.  That being said I went in expecting a bit more continuity between each ‘chapter’.  There was some meshing together of themes but it felt very much like a taste test of different stories with the same theme rather than one continuous plot line.  I liked most of them but I think I would have preferred it to feel more cohesive.


This one throws me a little because none of the art was bad though some of it wasn’t a style I felt drawn toward.  My biggest problem was with out incredibly different the styles were from chapter to chapter.  The incredible shifts in style and even race of characters threw me completely away from the story.  There were even times I had to stop focusing on the art even if I liked it because it distracted me so much from following any of the action.  I really liked most of the art separately when I went back and viewed it but I don’t feel it worked well all together.


I was so excited for this because I’ve become a big Batman fan due to my fiance.  He introduced me to a lot of the super hero’s I fan girl over and I admit that anticipation may have led to some of my let down.  I really enjoyed the chapters themselves and if I’d gotten any of them individually my rating would be much higher.  All of them combined into one volume though felt messy and confusing and even not well thought out.  I still recommend it for those who are fans of Batman and or Superman because it has great artwork and good content even if it doesn’t quite all come together well.

This was provided free from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This in no way effected my opinion and I was compensated in no other manner.


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