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Welcome to my stop on the Good Tales May Blog Hop!  Our theme this month is “Free to Be Me”.  I’ve had to really stop and think about what that means for me when it comes to reading.  I’ve narrowed it down to two books and couldn’t choose just one so I’ll be sharing both.


Twilight Series

By Stephanie Meyer

The book that describes most how I really just read what I want to read no matter what bad things are said about it has to be the Twilight series.  I devoured these books in a fairly stress filled period of my life and loved them.  I still think they are fun reads and might reread them someday though it’s not a priority.

img-thingI loved these books partly because Bella is so incredibly.. average.  She’s the main character in the story but she’s a complete klutz.  She’s constantly putting herself in danger, she has no real ‘special ability’ until the last book.  I admit I’m a bit of a different fan in that I subscribe to neither ‘Team Jacob” or “Team Edward” though the story line obviously favored Edward (at least to me).  I understand completely why a lot of people didn’t really care for these books.  I often compare this type of novel to ‘fast food for the brain’.  McDonald’s french fries are tasty for a reason and it’s not because of any nutritional value.  I think you just have to go in with the right mindset and you’ll most likely be able to enjoy the series.

923950The Highly Sensitive Person

by Elaine N Aron

Unlike my other choice this book describes more of how I am as a person.  I was gifted this book by a social worker and almost instantly a lot of things in my life began to make sense.  HSP or Highly Sensitive People might tend to be ‘shy’, need extra time alone every day, get overloaded by loud noises or crowds.  I’m a bit horrible at describing it but it comes down to being much more sensitive to things around you which can be good.  HSP’s are better at noticing the finer details but on the downside often get overwhelmed by too much stimuli.  Too much stimuli can differ from person to person.  It’s not about being better or worse – just different.  This is one of those books I keep near my desk all the time to read from here and there.


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Big thanks to Good Tales Book Tours for Organizing This Event!


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