Weekly Wrap Up (5/11 – 5/17)

Personal Updates

This week has been great fun with Bout of Books.  Not a lot going on since I spent a pretty large portion of the week with my head buried in a book or my tablet!  The weather in Florida is officially going over into the summer temperatures.  As a Florida transplant from the northern section of the midwest – I’m a wimp with the heat and humidity and admit to being a bit of a whiner.  Though after all of the massive earthquakes in Nepal in the past weeks, I am cherishing life a little bit more.


I’m completely new to this weekly feature but I seem to have at least a few new books every week.  This week most of my books were free or majorly discounted on Amazon, I might have gone a touch crazy. Ooops.

Amazon Discounts & Freebies (Prices may change randomly!)

the woodlands  22062982  18760207  22392424  25520040  20927060  20797183  calltoarms  longtimedyingYou Are My Sunshine  Harbinger of Doom  Mythology  Make Ahead  Time Flying

ARC’s and Egalleys

Sarina, Sweetheart


Thanks to Xpresso Book Tours for this book, looking forward to it!

Last Week Recap

 Upcoming this Week

  • Insight Kindling (Review & Book Tour)
  • Sacred Lies by Minnow Bly (Review)
  • Good Tales Blog Hop
  • What Keeps You Up at Night? (Review)
  • Earth & Sky (Review)

Song of the Week

Video of the Week

As someone who is gluten intolerant and can’t eat gluten without having death defying pain and inflammation all over my body landing me in the ER on a morphine drip – I found this video incredibly amusing.  I’ve gotten every single one of these reactions and then some.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up (5/11 – 5/17)

  1. I love summer but the Florida temps would be a little too hot for me. Not bad in the winter though… nice post on readers and writers, I think a lot of book bloggers aspire to be writers, but it is harder than it looks. 🙂

    Loved that video, and I cracked up when the guy started holding his breath. Thanks for sharing it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Winter in Florida is great – I’d totally be a snowbird here, summer is a different thing all together. I agree, I think a lot of bloggers aspire to write in some form. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Yeah – I found out when I was in my forties. My mother still offers me sandwiches. One sister had her cook make me a lasagna – LASAGNA! My other sister makes me tons of GF everything when I visit which is nice – but I don’t eat nine hundred sandwiches a day on GF bread just because the bread is GF.

    A hostess made a pie once with a wheat crust and of course, people then think you can take the filling out – but guess what – the wheat contaminates the filling.

    THen if you bring your own food people get all upset and think you’re being Celiac just to be a pest.

    Thank goodness restaurants and other places are getting more educated, and you can even get a GF sandwich at many airports!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I’ve had all of those things happen in one way or another. I’m so glad stores are starting to carry more gluten free products – I do wish they’d come down in price though!


  3. I’m coeliac so completely understand the gluten-thing!!! (I love the video and have shared it everywhere!)

    I’m a bit like you and a bit of a whinger and our summers here in Queensland (Australia) are v.hot. We’re heading into winter and I’m very relieved!



    • So glad you liked the video – it cracked me up. I admit I’m a bit jealous of you going into winter while we head into summer here, but you’ve already had your heat for the year!


  4. OOOH The Woodlands! That is one of my favorite books EVER! And I cannot even imagine the Florida humidity! In Pennsylvania, at 85 degrees and SOME humidity I have been complaining 😉 Hope you enjoy the books, and have a great week!


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