Thoughtful Thursday: Readers & Writers

dac41f190da76019ee732e8529d8c6f3I love to read and have always wanted to become an author.  I have written some poetry but not anything past short stories.  In try but rarely get far with it.  Sometimes I have no ideas, or my ideas something I just read too much, or I have an idea only to start writing it and realize it’s the worst possible idea ever in the history of ever.  Dramatic much?

a0f6baaff5ac905c0f6aed537ad8e648The few rare times I’m doing fairly well and getting through a few pages of writing all of a sudden I’ve no idea what the characters should be doing.  I’m not sure how established authors create characters but for me I feel like I’m just speaking for friends other people can’t see.  I’ll be absorbed in ripping the lines from my brain and then look up and realize my main character must have gone out to lunch.  I’ve yet to really figure out how to move past this because it’s so discouraging.  In a frantic attempt to get back in the groove I make the mistake of reading what I have so far.  This has never once helped me continue writing.  I instantly see all the glaring horrible mistakes I’ve made and know clearly why the protagonist decided to jump ship.

tumblr_ls0azxoL9L1qe294uo1_400I’ve always felt that authors were somewhat magical.  Ideas and words flowing from brain to text easily and fluidly much like the rainbow from Nyan Cat.  But the more I’m starting to blog all of that is sort of fading.  I’m realizing how much time, sweat, tears, stress, and more can come with writing.  At first I want to run in the other direction as fast as possible.  Second, I feel a little less bad about the fact that I become glassy eyed after writing one paragraph that took me two hours because I continued to ‘fix it’ while writing it.  Fixing it was rarely a good idea.  It’s like realizing you spilled something on your shirt and trying to wipe it off only to rub said stain deeper into the fabric.

I’ve heard a lot of avid readers say they have no interest in writing.  I think because of the immense amount of work involved it’s understandably not something everyone wants to do.  But I’d challenge you to examine why you don’t want to write.  Is it really a lack of interest or like me is it a lack of confidence and follow through?  Even if you come to the conclusion that writing isn’t for you – what’s your unwritten fantasy collection of genres, characters, scenes you wish you could grab of a bookstore shelf?  What would the characters personalities or the worlds be like?  Let me know in the comments below.  If you see someone else’s book fantasy and know of a book that might match it, let us know.  We can fulfill our dream books together!

My Dream Story

My ultimate book would be a steampunk thriller with a lot of natural elements like trees, etc.  Perhaps an entire fantasy race that uses steampunk creations to better utilize the environment they live in.  The characters wouldn’t be completely good or bad.  The protagonist would have a tendency to be selfish and stubborn though have good intentions while the antagonist might have some positive characteristics but more selfish intentions.  Also I want to read from every main characters view point to get a true feel for why the characters are the way they are.  Romance can be involved but it’s not at all a main element – just in the background (sort of like in Harry Potter).  Also – Character diversity, Fae, Unicorns, Dragons, time travel.  If I’m able to throw anymore into this jumbled pot of a book – mental health issues!





7 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Readers & Writers

  1. My problem is that I have too many ideas. I never suffer from writer’s block — I suffer from attention issues. So I will be working on a story and then jump to another and another and another. Sometimes I like characters so much (current problem) that I use them in different stories and plots to see how they would be in a different world. I have lost count of all the ideas I’ve had, stories started (writing a minimum of 76k words for each) and the number only grows. It’s ridiculous!

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    • I tend to have that problem too – just too many ideas and not enough focus to finish any one thing. I haven’t done the character moving as much but I don’t think that’s always a bad thing – I believe Stephen King does it quite well in his books.


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