Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Authors I’d Love to Meet


I’m joining in on the top ten Tuesday meme hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish – this weeks top ten authors I’d love to meet.  Time to get my fan girl mojo on!

  1. J.K. Rowling – Most of all I’d like to talk to her about her depression and how she worked through it.  What made her think of dementors and soul eaters.
  2. John Green – More because I feel like he’s got a lot of interesting ideas rather than his books.  I would like to know how he came up with The Fault in our Stars which still makes me emotional quite a while after I’ve read it.
  3. C.S. Lewis – I’d like to talk to him and see how he came up with his ideas.  I’m growing a real fascination for his books and I think he’d have some great insights.
  4. Ted Dekker – Again, an author I really like and would like to see where he gets his inspiration.  I’d have a lot of fun chatting with him.
  5. Frank Peretti – I’d love to have a discussion about faith with him.
  6. Shel Silverstein – I grew up with some of his books and I’ve always found them to be incredibly deep even in simplicity.
  7. Dr. Seuss – I grew up with his books, I think they really started me on that path to reading.  I’d talk to him about his artwork and how he came up with his style of writing.
  8. Anne Frank – I’d talk to her about how she was able to stay positive in such awful times, when everything had been taken from her.
  9. Jerold J. Kreisman – I’d like to talk to him about borderline personality disorder and some of his views and thoughts on mental health.
  10. Cameron West – His memoir is one of the first I’ve read with a person with DID that continued to function to some degree.  It seemed like it had a more hopeful ending, like things were starting to fall into place.  I’d like a follow up to see what else he’s figured out.

There are quite a few more books I really enjoy.  I’m a bit different than most in that it’s really hard for me to ‘fangirl’ over celebrities or authors.  I completely fall in love with characters, ideas, perspectives – but the author often feels somewhat removed.  With a lot of the fiction books I read it’s almost a very conscious decision to not want to meet them.  For me it’s an Oz effect, please don’t pull the curtain back!  I want these worlds to continue to feel real and tangible.  I fear knowing the person who created them might alter that incredible magic I have with the characters or the places.  Instead with this list I’ve gone with authors I feel I’d get the most out of meeting, even if it has that Oz effect of ripping back the curtain.  Peeking into these brains would be well worth it.



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