The Sunday Post (4/27 – 5/3)

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Personal Updates

Quite a few things happened this week on personal level that left it a bit craptastic.  I fired my therapist on Monday and was able to see a new on Thursday – we’ll see.  One of our cats passed away on Wednesday night, it was expected but I’m still pretty sad about that.  I’ve been working on organizing and cleaning.  Other than that, I’m starting a new sketchbook and having tons of fun with that.  I’ve got a few ideas rolling around in my head for the blog too – stuff I think would possibly be really neat.



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The first three of these are all freebies I’ve found through the week on Amazon.  I’m really trying to limit which I grab right now but sometimes I just can’t pass them up!  I’ve linked them to Amazon but don’t know how long they’ll stay free for.

Major thanks to Laurie Starkey whom I won The Core from, I’ve also in the past won her Soul Keeper Series – for sure check her out!  Find her website here. Also much thanks to Blogging for Books for an egalley of The Girl In the Road.  I’m excited to be reviewing Neophytes Tale during a book tour with Good Tales Book Tours later this month!

Last Week Recap


Upcoming This Month

I’m taking part in the Clean Sweep ARC challenge hosted by the Caffienated Book Reviewer to help me get through some of the books I’ve had piling up.  I want to get to that 80% ratio on Netgalley really bad!  To help with this I’m signing up for Bout of Books – a read in from May 11th though the 17th. Also happening this month – a blog hop with Good Tales Book Tours on May 21st (which is in my mind celebration of my birthday on that same day).

Upcoming this Week

  • The Dawning of Firebird Alex (Book Tour Promo & Giveaway)
  • World After by Susan Ee (Review)
  • I Was a Famous Rockstar (Book Blitz & Giveaway)
  • Fire & Chasm Chelsea M. Campbell (Review)
  • The Brass Giant (Review)


Game of the Week


 Hero’s of the Storm is a MOBA genre game based in the Blizzard universe.  It combines hero’s and villains from many titles including Diablo, Starcraft, and World of Warcraft.  I’m not usually into MOBA’s but I’m really liking this one so far.  Open beta is planned for May 19th and the full launch is June 2nd.  If you can’t wait and want to try the game in closed beta – I have four keys available first come first served – just comment below to claim! *I do believe there will be a game wipe between closed beta and open beta, so be aware of this.

Song of the Moment

I’m a big fan of Blue October and I’ve always liked this song.

Bonus Video:

I’m also a big fan of Tegan and Sara, twin sisters with incredible talent.  I’ve had this song in my head for a few days.


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