Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Characters to Check in With


I’m joining in on the top ten Tuesday meme hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish – this weeks top ten list is Top Ten Characters You’d Like To Check In With.  Wow.  This one might be a bit rough.  This really isn’t in any specific order but more as I thought of them – also it’s nowhere near a comprehensive list.  Honestly – I’d probably like to check in with every character from every book I’ve ever read if given the chance.  But then.. I’d probably not have as much time to actually read.  What a dilemma

  1. Every Single Character in Harry Potter (Especially Draco Malfoy or Luna Lovegood) – instead of naming all of them individually can we just have a group meeting where I get to find out what they are all doing?  We got a bit of information but I’d love to know more.
  2. Gale Hawthorne from the Hunger Games – I’d like to know what happens with a lot of the characters after the ending of the series but specifically Gale.
  3. Four from Divergent – I won’t say why because spoilers, but I’d love to know how he’s doing.
  4. Jonas from The Giver – I’ve always wanted to know more about what happens after the ending of the first book.  There are books after this and while I’ve not read them yet (I so need to do that.), I’ve heard they aren’t directly following the first.
  5. Jacob from Twilight – I know a lot of people love to hate on this series and don’t worry I’m not one of the rabid fans that are a bit.. scary.  But I didn’t hate the series either – I liked it on about the same level as I like food from a drive through restaurant – except it was for my brain.  I’d love to know what Jacob does after the wrap up at the end.  Knowing what everyone else gets up to wouldn’t hurt either.
  6. Arthur Dent from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – I’d like to hear from everyone Arthur would be at the top of my list.
  7. Ed and Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemy – I’m not even done reading the entire manga series and I already feel like there isn’t enough. Just.. more please.
  8. Sherlock and Watson from Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock (The BBC version would be equally acceptable!) – What mysteries have they been up to now?
  9. Sazed from Mistborn – Another one I can’t really say why because spoilers but I’d just love to see how he’s doing.
  10. Melanie Stryder and Wanda from The Host – This is listed on GoodReads as a series but thus far only the first has been published so it is a possibility I might actually get the chance to see what happens with these two.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Characters to Check in With

    • Nope, I was actually somewhat upset we didn’t get more information as to what happens with him! Honestly I kind of wanted another book, and really didn’t want it to end. I still do. lol


    • I agree – I’d like to know more about how everyone is doing. Gale ranked higher for me because we really didn’t get anything about him in the end where we got at least a tiny little bit about Katniss and Peeta, though not enough. But really, would it ever be enough? I always want the stories to go on forever.

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