Choosing (or finding) your next book…

I got this post idea from a recent comment from Zoe over at Volatile Stability – Thanks Zoe!

Choosing the next book I read is one of those tasks I almost always have trouble with.  It’s not that I don’t have a huge variety to choose from (my tbr pile is huge and I’m constantly adding to it, throw that in with ARC’s, and the library.. you’d think this wouldn’t be a problem!)

I also have a problem with scheduling books to read though I can every now and then – so I’ve come up with a few ways to help me pick my next book – either from my ever growing shelves or something I’ve not heard of previously.  The following list is some of the ways I’ll use to find a book to read – hope it helps.  I’m also open to any ideas that others have – post them in the comments!

Finding New Books

  • WhichBook – This is a great site to pick out exactly the right book for your current mood.  You can adjust sliders on up to four criteria and they will recommend  a list of books that match!  Along with this the site has a number of book lists that are great ways to find new books as well.
  • What Should I Read Next? – This site is super simple – just enter an author or book title to get recommendations for your next book.  This will work really well if you have a favorite author or book and want to find new titles with the same feel.
  • Your Next Read – This site has it all – you can go the simplistic route and just enter in an author, title, or genre to find new books but they also have book lists and MyMap.  A MyMap will take books you’ve already read or are interested in and will recommend new books in map form.  Plus you can add book lists to your own map, view the maps of other users, and share your maps with friends.

Free Books or Majorly Discounted by Email

  • Riffle – This is a newsletter that comes out daily with free and discounted ebooks from Amazon.  Signing up is simple and you can select which categories interest you to receive customized lists in your email.
  • eReaderGirl – This is a great blog with tons of posts with links to free or extremely discounted books.  A lot of the books she posts are either lifestyle or Christian in theme so it may not work for everyone but is worth a look!
  • SweetFreeBooks – This is another email list of free and discounted books from Amazon, again with the ability to choose only the categories you are most interested in.
  • eReaderIQ – This site is great to find both discounted and free ebooks and includes an email list as well.  The big feature that stands out for me though is the ability to track books so you’ll be alerted when books you want have a price drop.  You can also track authors and paperback books you want in ebook format.  Even better you can get an addon which will enable you to do all of this with one click!
  • Pixel of Ink – Another site that lists free and discounted ebooks plus an email list you can join.
  • BookBub – Yet another email list to find free and cheap ebooks for the kindle

Book Lending Sites

  • BookLending – This site is great because it has two ways of getting books.  First you can sign up for the emails which contain free and discounted books at amazon.  In addition to this they also have a lending program that works with the Amazon lending program.  All ebooks can be lent to others once and this site makes use of that by connecting people.  This is completely free and creates a great community.
  • Lendle – This site uses a currency called book requests that you can earn by offering your own kindle books for lending.  You can also earn book requests doing various other activities on the site – the more active, the more you earn.  ( If you’d like use my code W6KOKP3I to help me out! )

Become a Book Reviewer

  • NetGalley – I haven’t been reviewing books for all that long but I love it!  Netgalley was what got me started with this blog and even out of a super long reading slump.  There are tons of books listed here – and even some that are instantly readable.  Not all books require you to even have a blog – reviewing on goodreads or amazon will be enough.  Having a blog will give you access to even more though!
  • Edelweiss – I admit this site is incredibly confusing to figure out but if you can manage it it’s worth it.  Tons of books to review.  Unlike NetGalley however this site requires you to write something to the publisher or author to be approved for a review copy.
  • Blogging For Books – This site doesn’t seem to have as many books as the above two but I absolutely love the design of the site.  You can customize the categories you like as well.
  • Story Cartel – This site is a bit easier than those above because you don’t have to be approved for any of the books.  All of these books are available in exchange for an honest review.  Plus not all of these books are new or ARC’s – I’ve even found classics listed here.

From the Shelves

  • TBR Book Jar – I’ve seen this a few times around the internet and really liked the idea.  The premise is getting some type of jar, bottle, box – container of some sort and writing out various books in your TBR shelves on slips of paper and throwing them all into the mix.  This is a great idea and one I love because it’s somewhat crafty.  The only downside is I somehow end up picking out books I’m just not in the mood for and throwing them back in.
  • TBR Book Jar (Challenges) – This is a lot like the one above except slightly different.  Instead of writing specific books down you write challenges down.  These challenges can vary from reading a book over 500 pages, specific genre’s, new authors, etc.  The added benefit of this one is a bit more room for flexibility.  Credit for this idea goes to Katytastic and you can see her vlog about the challenge here.
  • Calibre – Calibre is a free program that helps you create a library (or more) to sort through your ebooks.  It also has the ability to convert ebooks between fromats so if you find something that isn’t in the format for a kindle you can change it easily with this. I try and add tags and genre’s to most of the books I put in to my library so if I’m interested in something like paranormal or fantasy I can just search for those things!  Calibre also has a ton of other features – some of which I’ve not even tried yet.
  • Judging Books by Covers – This one is probably awful but sometimes I just glance at my shelf and grab the one that looks the most attractive at that moment.  It’s random and sometimes I end up with something I’m not in the mood for but quite often it lightens my shelves considerably.


  • MangaTraders – As you can tell by the title this site only has manga but it has a ton of it and it’s free to use.  You can view these online or download them.  You are limited to 50 downloads a day but it’s more than enough to get you started!
  • Goodreads – This is a great site to read reviews from other readers.  You can also view lists and even join groups with others.  Plus goodreads has the ability to track year long reading challenges, create bookshelves, share what you are currently reading, and even your TBR shelf.  As another benefit you can also sign up for a number of free giveaways that happen all the time.
  • Best Free Ebooks Online – This is a huge list of sites that provide a variety of different ebooks for free (way – way more than I can possibly list here).
  • Amazon Limited Time Offers – If you don’t want to mess around with a website, this is a direct link to find current limited time offers at Amazon.
  • 32 Places to get Free Ebooks – I can’t possibly list all of the places here so this is another great list of sites to look through to get free and discounted ebooks.
  • Pinterest – Books Worth Reading – I am completely addicted to pinterest.  It’s a great resource for everything from recipes, crafts, art, and books.  This link will take you directly to the search for books worth reading – this includes book lists as well as individual books.

4 thoughts on “Choosing (or finding) your next book…

  1. Oh my! This is such a great, insightful post. I’m bookmarking it and sharing with friends. Thanks so much for this. Totally appreciated.


  2. This is such a handy guide, thank you!

    I just signed up for Story Cartel. One of my blogging resolutions is to write more reviews, so this will be 1) exciting early access to new books, and 2) the kick in the pants to write some reviews. Thanks!


    • You are most welcome – this isn’t anywhere near what’s actually available on the web but it’s a good start! Writing reviews has really encouraged me to read more – it’s been loads of fun – enjoy!


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