Review: Buzz

Buzz by Anders de la Motte
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Source : Gift from a friend


Summary :

This is the second story in the Game Trilogy where Henrik Pettersson finds a cell phone on the subway and pockets it only to find it inviting him to play a game. Not just any ordinary game – one that crosses moral boundaries again and again utilizing Henrik’s craving for approval to the utmost. We also get the point of view from his sister who is a police officer and body guard as she plays into the story with the game. This second book continues from the first after leaving off with a bit of a shocker.


My Review:

I like the plot but my problem with the first book had been the very quick story line along with extremely frequent point of view shifts. I don’t think the second book had any less point of view shifts but it did seem to flow better. In the first there were times I’d have to go back to figure out whose point of view I was getting but I didn’t have that happen in this second book.
Another thing that was a bit odd is while in the first book Rebecca came across as far more mature than Henrik – in the second her level of responsible decisions took a nose dive. Being caught up in all this drama is not helping her at all and it was nice to see that some of her behaviors matched the actual events going on around her. Henrik however seemed to grow up at least a little. It seems the events that keep happening start waking him up to make different decisions. But, not too much – this isn’t a deeply radical unbelievable change. The growth seems realistic and gradual.
I’d say this is a mystery thriller but a lot of the themes that came out with this book almost seemed alarmingly realistic which kept me reading for sure. I’m looking forward to grabbing the third and final book of the series to see how this all wraps up. I can see where with the point of view changes this isn’t a book everyone will enjoy – it takes getting used to but if you can over come that it’s worthwhile.



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