Review: City of Dark Magic

City of Dark Magic

by Magnus Flyte

Source: Purchase

My rating:

4 Stars

I went into this book a bit guarded after reading some of the reviews. There were quite a few things that kind of annoy me with the book. I don’t feel the description is very accurate at all. This hardly feels paranormal though there are some weird things happening in it. I also feel like some of the sex in this story is just a bit over the top. The style of writing is forever teetering between a comedy and a suspense/ mystery novel. While there is ‘romance’ (if you can call the sexual encounters in the book.. romantic) I didn’t find it to be a romantic comedy as listed in the description on the back of the book.

What was also odd to me is the amount of spoilers in the description, why are they telling us about the 400 year old dwarf? Isn’t that something we should find out .. in the story? I’ll leave spoilers out but I’ll just say that there is at least one thing in the description that did not happen in my copy of the actual book. Weird.

I’m being pretty harsh and you’d think I wouldn’t like this book but for whatever reason I did enjoy it. It’s not the best thing I’ve ever read but it was strangely fun. If I don’t take it seriously and just go with the flow I really appreciate the humor and the quirks ( eating toe nail shaped drugs… ). Not what I expected but I’d still recommend for a light read.


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