Taking Control of my TBR Pile!

f4812b16-1ac4-4cb6-a3d5-c1eca0f02e07_zps91b8027aRecently I’ve been reading exclusively books I’ve received from Netgalley – which is great.  I am in love with the website and highly recommend it to anyone who likes to read since doing reviews really is SO easy.  But my already established (and growing) to be read pile is huge and hasn’t really been touched for months. (Other than to add to it of course).

I saw the Take Control of Your TBR Pile challenge for March a few days ago and after some thinking am really excited to try it.  It’s hosted by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I’ll also be taking part in the read in as a part of this challenge from the 13th to the 16th – that’s going to be a majorly fun weekend. I’ve already decided almost anything other than reading can be put off!  3e269a05-99c1-46fc-a50c-9b6112644dde_zpsrhqekspt

I don’t have a specific number in mind other at least more than more than four which really shouldn’t be any trouble at all.  If I’m having a hard time choosing going to write a bunch of books down on little slips of paper from my shelves (both ebooks and physical copies I have) and throwing them in a bowl which I’ll randomly choose from.

Some books I’m tossing into that bowl

The Game Series by Anders De La Motte

This series is all about a man finding a phone on a train and becoming engaged in a game involving real life and death risk.  Each challenge offers incredible amounts of monetary reward but at very heavy risk.  I’ve read the first book in this series and while it’s not for everyone with the quickly changing point of view from character to character – I actually enjoyed it.  I’ve not written a review of the first book as of yet and will most likely wait until I’ve finished the series to do so – but I am pretty excited to find out what happens next!

East Salem Trilogy by Lis Wiehl
I was given the first book by a friend and didn’t expect to like it as much as I did.  The story is about a sleepy little town called East Salem where very strange and supernatural things are starting to happen.  In the first book which I’ve read a local girl is murdered brutally.  Dani Harris, a local forensic psychiatrist is very interested in the case and begins working to find clues to what’s going on.  Throw in a former football star turned beginner private eye,  a dash of romantic tension, and some Christian overtones – it’s a very interesting read.

Some Others include (but no where near limited to):

To see more of my TBR list visit my shelf at Goodreads by clicking here.

I’m really looking forward to quite a few books I didn’t even remember that I had.  I could spend hours just browsing through my book shelves both online and off.  March is looking to be a fun month.


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