Review: Trees Volume 1

Trees Volume 1
Trees Volume 1 by Jason Howard

Disclosure: Received this free from Netgalley

Book Summary:  Trees, a new science fiction graphic novel by Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan, Red) and Jason Howard (Super Dinosaur, Astounding Wolf-Man) looks at a near-future world where life goes on in the shadows of the Trees: in China, where a young painter arrives in the “special cultural zone” of a city under a Tree; in Italy, where a young woman under the menacing protection of a fascist gang meets an old man who wants to teach her terrible skills; and in Svalbard, where a research team is discovering, by accident, that the Trees may not be dormant after all, and the awful threat they truly represent.

Characters: The way the book is set up – switching between various story lines I almost felt it was all different stories connected in the same ‘world’.  While I liked all of the characters to a degree – I definitely had favorites.  The gender and sexuality issues that were brought up with Chenglei were very interesting and I felt like I could probably have read an entire book about just that story line.  My favorite character in the entire story is Zhen, she’s extremely confident and has a very glamorous way about her.   I also really enjoyed the dynamic of the team stationed in Spitzbergen – each character fit a role in that dynamic and pushed the story along.  I also felt like I could relate to Marsh – really needing to make some kind of impact in a noticeable way.

Writing & Artwork:  My only negative was how it switched between story lines rather rapidly but I think it wouldn’t have been cohesive done another way plus this really is a collection of shorter comics.  I really loved the artwork and noticed several pages I’d love to have hanging on my walls.  I liked the style of it – dark and grungy in places.

Favorite Moments: Without a doubt with Chenglei and Zhen and the budding relationship that they have.  And oddly enough the ending – I love (and hate) when stories really touch me emotionally.  Thankfully this was a graphic novel I read on my computer – a real one I may have chucked at a wall while cursing and crying.  (Why do I like this again?)

Overall:  I really liked it and will be watching for anything else coming up in the story line.  My rating probably would have been higher had the ending been slightly different – even though I love the intensity of the emotion that it brought up – once that subsided I’m left wondering where the story can really go from that point.  I’m curious but a bit baffled as well.  I probably wouldn’t re read it but I’ll study the artwork some more.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

 FTC Disclosure: I received this free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  This in no way influenced my opinion of the book and I was provided with no other compensation.  


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