Review: Outcast, Vol. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him

Outcast, Vol. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him
Outcast, Vol. 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him by Robert Kirkman

Disclosure: I received this free from NetGalley

Story Summary: Kyle Barnes has been plagued by demonic possession all his life and now he needs answers. Unfortunately, what he uncovers along the way could bring about the end of life on Earth as we know it!

Characters: At first I felt fairly distant from any of the characters. Ryan showed some major signs of clinical depression but as details started appearing and I started to get to know them it all felt more real. By the end of it, I was pleasantly surprised this wasn’t a good vs. evil type story. None of the characters are completely ‘good’ and it’s interesting to see how different misconceptions or lack of specific information effect how each character relates to each other. A perfect example of this is how Megan’s husband Mark interacts with Ryan based on his perspective of past events and his role as a police officer.

Writing & Artwork: I loved the story which I was a bit surprised by – it was far different than I expected. I felt I got enough detail without it being too slow in any specific area. As for the art work, I liked it but in general I don’t think it was my favorite style – not something I’d pick up for the artwork alone but this is completely a personal preference.

Favorite Moments: I have trouble with this because it all just seems like it sticks together so much it’s difficult to pick out one single moment but I did feel a big change in one instance. When Ryan is finally cleaning up his house and he has the flashback to his past with his mom. You can see that it still hurts but he’s picking himself up and doing something.

Overall: Another graphic novel I’ll have to keep my eyes out for future editions of, I really liked the story and am very curious to see where it goes in the future. While the artwork wasn’t my favorite, I felt it tied in with the actual story really well. Anything lighter wouldn’t have matched as well with the dark tone of demons and personal turmoil.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 FTC Disclosure: I received this free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  This in no way influenced my opinion of the book and I was provided with no other compensation.  


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