Reading Challenges 2015!

I’m fairly new to the blog thing but I’ve been reading since I was very young and I’ve found reading challenges!  I love the idea of them and know they will help me expand the types of books I pick up and most likely tackle my TBR pile along the way.  I’m signing up for quite a few that look really exciting and work well together.


I love fantasy of almost any type and generally have it as a preferred genre so when I saw this challenge I knew I wanted to take part in it.  I’m setting my challenge at 25 books though I may raise this since I’ve already completed eight of the books so far this year! You can find more information about this over at Hello, Chelly

(Unless you are Snow White)_thumb[3]

What goes better with fantasy than fairytale retellings?  I’ve got a number of these on my TBR pile and even more on my wishlist and I’m looking forward to finally having that push to actually read them!  I’m going for the big bad wolf category with 10-15 books.  This one is hosted over at The Daily Prophecy.

I’m jumping on the Clocks, Cogs, and Mechanisms challenge which I’m pretty excited about.  It’s not a genre I’ve explored too much in the past though I’ve always been really fascinated with it – I’ve signed up for the highest level Clockwork Corset at 13 or more books!  This challenge also lets me throw in graphic novels – another thing I’d love to explore more!

Finishing the SeriesA lot of fantasy books are actually part of a series and I’ve already read and finished two series this year plus I’ve started another!  When I saw this challenge to finish a series I knew it wouldn’t be a big deal for me to do so.  So I’m going for the highest level which is to finish four series this year.  I may try and challenge myself to finish at least one series that is a bit longer!  This challenge is held over at Socrates Book Reviews.


In an effort to break out of my fantasy addiction I’m really going to challenge myself this year to get some classics into my reading pile.  There are so many I’ve always wanted to read but for whatever reason haven’t.  The 2015 Classics challenge is super simple and consists of only one classic book a month through the year.  I’m already behind for January so I’ll have to catch up but I already have my first classic picked out!  This challenge is hosted over at Prettybooks.


Continuing with the classics I really wanted to push it just that little bit extra and explore a variety of classics and this challenge is perfect with 12 different categories.  I’m going to shoot for reading something for each category but I admit some of them look a bit daunting!  This challenge is hosted at Books and Chocolate.

Nonfiction 2015I’d also like to challenge myself this year with reading is to get into something based in reality – especially learning. The nonfiction challenge at The Introverted Reader will help me meet that goal easily!  I’ve got a few ideas for topics and am excited to try something new and different for this challenge.   For this I’m going for the explorer level with 6 – 10 books.  I think this is enough to challenge me but not overwhelm me since it’s not something I’m used to – but if I do really well with it I’ll level up!

miabadge2015miareadinghcallenge Another topic that is very important to me specifically is that of mental health.  I struggle with my own mental illness daily and know how important the spread of reality based information is both for those with these issues as well as everyone else.  It’s a topic that is greatly misunderstood and varies really widely depending on the specific issue being discussed.  I’m joining both the Mental Illness Advocacy Reading challenge hosted by Opinions of a Wolf and the Mental Illness Awareness Challenge hosted by Alice in Borderland.  I’m going to be reading at least 12 books and hope to expand my knowledge into some areas I’ve not explored as of yet.

2015 Bookish Bingo Challenge WITHOUT RULES

Full House Challenge final ATo round out all of my reading and add a bit of fun finding various books to read I’m going to try out the 2015 Bookish Bingo Challenge hosted by The Girly Geek.  I’m not sure how much of this huge card I’ll get filled up but I’m very excited to try and find books that meet some of the requirements (Pirates, Dragons, Cyborgs.. oh my?).  To go with this I’m also joining another bingo challenge – The full house reading challenge hosted by Book Date.  This one has a smaller board but still very interesting.


lucky-no15Yet another challenge to vary my reading comes from The eclectic reader challenge hosted by Book’d Out.  There are a total of 12 categories which combines well with Lucky No. 15 hosted by Books to Share and has fifteen different categories.  I already know my fantasy destination will most likely not be set in any real place ( I do need a reason to read Harry Potter again…).

2015RYFThe next challenge that I’m both nervous and excited about is the Read Your Freebies challenge hosted by The Book Vixen.  I have a ton of free books I’ve gotten off of Amazon and various other places and this will help me actually read them.  Plus a lot of these books are free copies of classics which goes really well with some of my other challenges!

2014RC-hosting U Read How Many-And finally to round all of this out and hopefully keep track of it in one big amazing list I’m joining the ‘You Read How Many Books?’ Challenge hosted over at Book Dragon’s Lair.  I’m really going to push myself a bit and go for level 2 which is at least 150 books!  I’m really excited for these challenges but know it’s going to be a balance between finishing the challenge and just having fun with my reading.  The biggest thing I’m keeping in mind is to keep exploring new things that I hadn’t thought of before.. and just keep reading!


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